Miami Killian Class of 1970
20th Year Runion Pitures
August 10 - 11, 1990

Killian 30 Year
Reunion Cruise

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Pictures 30 yr. -- (NEW)


Pictures from the 20th Reunion.

Danny Halyburton
Sue (Newton) Bennett - Bob McConnell -
Cindy (Lingle) Whiffen - Lane Cardwell - Julie (Slager) Mims


Carolyn (Shelden) Smith - Mike Sweeting - Bob McConnell -
Tom Mims - Julie (Slager) Mims - Charlie Wacker

Karen (Maden) Stricker - Suzy (Buck) Stoeckel


Mike Sweeting - Cindy (Lingle) Whiffen - Lane Cardwell


Mike Sweeting - Sue Henderson (1971) -
Sue (Newton) Bennett


Rick Downs - Sue Sweeting


Robin (Ayers) Truba - Roy Truba


Roy Truba - Suzy (Buck) Stoeckel - Julie (Slager) Mims

These pictures are few we had from the 20th reunion ... If you have other pictures you would like to share -- I will scan them into the WEB site. Hope I got all the names right.
If you want the pictures returned, please include a self addressed stamped return envelope.
Send them to: Tom Mims, 14313 Harlequin Dr., Charlotte, NC 28273

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